God of Victory (Recommendation)

7 Apr

Anyone who reads this blog will know that musical recommendations are a rarity. Over the last three years I’ve only ever really pointed my readers to PageCXVI, Phil Wickham and Come&Live (all of which I still stand by). Why? Because I appreciate that musical tastes vary significantly and am positive that my tastes are in the minority (for an example see here).

It is against this back drop then that I heartily commend to you all an outstanding new album from the good people at The Village Church. The album is called God of Victory and is ‘out now’.

The album is both musically diverse and theologically rich…both encrusted with excellence. A good combination. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard some middle road-esq indie, a smidge of hip-hop and possibly some electronica?!? If you want to have the ol’ appetite whetted then watch the video below or simply follow the appropriate link to get to the music itself. Seriously, very few will be disappointed.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/20810694]

iTunes : :  Spotify

Chords and that…

(Original HT goes to Lewis Roderick for spotting this one. Cheers bruv.)


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