Why don’t we pray?

13 Apr

Maybe you do. I’d bet though it isn’t as often or heart-felt as you think it should be…is it?

Jamie Hurd, him of jamiehurd.wordpress.com fame, opened up Luke 18:1-8 for as in Ammanford Church the other day. Often referred to as the parable of the persistent widow, Jamie drew out 2 main reasons we don’t pray nearly enough:

  1. We don’t recognize our need.
  2. We don’t understand the character of the God we pray to.

The sermon was both encouraging and challenging. Jamie reminded us of the classic John Piper quote along the lines of using prayer as a peace time intercom rather than a war time walkie talkie. He also reminded us of the just and loving God we approach.

I recommend taking the time out to listening to him here (courtesy of AmmanfordChurch.com) or through the audio player below.


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