Praying about the ‘little things’

18 Apr

PrayerTwo Sunday’s ago Jamie Hurd brought us a sermon from the parable of the persistent widow. As is traditional in our church, our weekly home group then covers the same passage/topic. It was in this setting that another pearl came from the Rob Bell-esq mouth of the afore mentioned Hurd. I paraphrase when I write:

“If Jesus is Lord over everything then there is nothing to small or silly to pray about. Everything is His and so can be offered in prayer!”

Indeed Jamie! As one famous ‘theologian’ quipped, “Everything is Spiritual.” Too often we are tempted to compartmentalise the ‘spiritual things’ that we are allowed to pray for and those things which are just too earthly to make the grade. The thing is, as Jamie reminded us, Jesus is Lord and King over the entire earth so to bring anything to Him in prayer isn’t just allowable, it’s necessary!

What a joy that there’s nothing too small, too mundane, too anything for Jesus. AND (as Mr. Treebeard reminded me on Twitter) that same Jesus is the One to whom we can bring our biggest concerns and issues. Big or small, ‘spiritual’ or otherwise, we can take it all to Him in prayer.


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