10 Reasons TO join a Church

27 Apr

Doctrine - What Christians Should Believe by Mark DriscollWell wouldn’t you know it? Hot of the heels of “Ten reason Not to join a Church” yesterday I stumble across a chapter in Mark Driscoll’s Doctrine book with a helpful section to close entitled, “Why should Christians join a Church?”

In it he helpfully breaks it down into 10 reasons. Beautiful symmetry.

So here, reproduced in an abridged format, are those 10 positive reasons to counter yesterdays 10 cautions:

  1. Because salvation isn’t merely about a new relationship with Christ, but a new relationship with the entire Church.
  2. Because disciples are part of a flock, and like sheep, will die alone but live together.
  3. To be helped by others to follow Jesus.
  4. Because the body needs all of its limbs.
  5. To be equipped for the task given to disciples.
  6. To be spiritually protected by godly leaders (shepherds).
  7. To be ‘at risk’ in loving relationships just like Jesus was.
  8. To serve the church for the benefit of others.
  9. Because, since the beginning, being alone has never been considered ‘good’.
  10. To acknowledge Jesus’ love for the Church as His bride.

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