My dullest post yet

2 May

No this isn’t a quick poll to ascertain which of a no doubt lengthy list of posts is dullest. This is a quick post to inform you that my latest paper has been added to the ‘papers‘ section of my blog. The title? Wait for it…it’s a corker…

Discuss the appropriateness of using quantitative and/or qualitative methods in a study of the role of the pastor in the post-modern Western world.”

If you’re tempted to think that the title is interesting then you’ve not understood it. Read it again. It’s dull, truly, truly dull.

In it I give a basic outline of what the two research methods are and suggest ways both could be used for a study into the role of pastor. I conclude by suggesting that neither is wholly appropriate as they both depend on authorities other than God.

I know, dull. As I said in the title of this post. Perhaps some of my other papers would be of more interest to you though…have a look.


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