John Piper Playing Basketball…that is all.

13 Jun
[vimeo 21686448 w=750 &h=422]

4 Responses to “John Piper Playing Basketball…that is all.”

  1. Larry 14/06/2011 at 7:41 am #

    Call me a boring so and so but I have a couple of problems with this video. The Reformation 21 fellas have been talking about hero worship culture in the States and the UK recently and in light of what I read there I can’t help but not like the name-driven video. It’s smells too much like an evangelical equivalent to “come to my party, cos Britney Spears will be there”.

    Am I being too negative? I hope I’ve misunderstood the film, – and I’m sure the speakers would not want to give such a message. Funny seeing Piper play BBall though. Next video: Rugby!

    • Sammy Davies 14/06/2011 at 8:11 am #

      Dear Larry, ‘a couple’ implies more than one. I’ll let you off though.

      I agree, I found Carl Trueman’s reflections on NWA refreshing for a ‘headline’ speaker. Couple this with the caution urged recently on the resurgence about ‘conference Christians’ and there seems to be some genuine questions being asked.

      A small caveat of course is the nature of T4G which is guys from different spheres uniting, so their names in that sense are important. But you can ‘justify’ it any number of ways without tackling Trueman’s concerns.

      Still, I posted it for Piper playing Bball which I thought was hilarious. Sorry for name dropping in the title :s

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