New Birth Potraits

8 Aug

As I write my dissertation, one of the churches I’m having to look more and more at is Redeemer Presbyterian in New York. Most will know it as ‘Tim Keller’s Church.’ It’s a reasonably mature church (20+ years?) and it’s very interesting to look at all that’s going on there.

One particular ‘ministry’ that caught my eye this afternoon was their ‘New Birth Portraits.’ It’s essentially a website dedicated to sharing some video testimonies of New Yorkers who have come to Christ. But, as you’d expect from Redeemer, it’s done really…really well.

The site itself is stylish and beautiful but the real magic is the testimonies. Well put together, clearly thought out and challenging with the gospel. I’m sure as we encourage people to share their testimonies we could help people to articulate them in a more ‘evangelistic’ way. Something I’ve suggested before


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