Councils, Creeds & Confessions

26 Aug

Church History. Sounds boring doesn’t it. I thought that it was boring…until I studied it under Bob Letham in my 1st year at WEST. What I found out was that Church History is like a road map of how we’ve come to believe what we believe today, which is actually very exciting!

Now that makes it sound like our (orthodox Christians) beliefs have somehow changed but that couldn’t be further from the truth. More accurately it’s a history of how an unchanging set of beliefs have slowly but surely been better articulated. Until certain questions have been asked certain answers can’t be given. So if no one has asked, ‘what is this incarnation all about?’ then it’s unlikely that a fully developed answer exists.

Church History then is like a series of questions and answers (like a catechism?!) played out over a lengthy period, each question and each answer helping to refine and articulate exactly what it means to be ‘orthodox’.

To that end I’d highly recommend a little series that’s being run over on theresurgence on historic councils, creeds and confessions. They give a great insight into the questions being asked and the answers that, ultimately, Scripture has revealed. Find the series here.


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