Finding Space for God in our Cluttered lives

31 Aug

Last week I had the joy (yes I enjoy this kind of thing) of clearing out, reorganising and once again filling the cupboard under the stairs. In truth it’s a bit of a dumping ground, a space we use to get things out of sight without giving too much thought to where we’re keeping them. But it’s also the genuine home for a number of things. It’s where the mop&bucket and Hoover live for example, or where I keep my tool box, or the hidden location of the freezer.

However for the previous 18 months the Hoover had been living upstairs in the spare room. A particularly awkward place to keep it, especially if we had guests staying over (the spare room isn’t that big). As small as the ‘cwtch dan star’ is (that’s the Welsh name for cupboard under the stairs btw), if everything is put back in its right place it all fits and there’s room to get in and access everything.

In a round about way I think this cwtch dan star teaches me a lot about God in my life and also in the lives of those who reject God. Here’s an example, someone who looks at suffering and says “If God really loved me He’d end all suffering.” can’t find space for God in their lives, so they reject Him. Because they’ve put a wrong understanding of love in the centre of their universe it’s no surprise God no longer fits in (because that central space is where He is supposed to live). So God gets kicked to the curb.

I wonder how many ‘objections’ that we have to faith or God in general are simply as a result of having the wrong stuff in the wrong place and pushing God up to the spare room, or worse still out of our lives forever.

And for those who do believe, I wonder how often God gets pushed to the periphery because something else really, really important (*sarcasm*) has taken His place.

Just some thoughts from a little spring cleaning.


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