5 Sep

A few of you might already know of several great resources that are coming out of UCCF nowadys. Firstly there’s TheologyNetwork and bethinking. Two great sites with articles, talks etc. to help with theological/apologetics type questions. Then there’s the video resources that they produce and share. Top draw, fair play.

If you're at a lunch bar and find yourself in front of a know it's a big one!

But now there’s a new resource, one aimed at a specific audience, to help equip ‘apologists’ give great talks at university lunch bars…BeSpeaking. It’s still a growing resource but what’s on there already is of the highest order. There’s advice on structure, style, content…the lot. Check it out and keep checking it out as it grows and grows under the watchful eye of Christian Persuader himself, Alex Banfield Hicks.

Of particular interest to lunchbar/apologetics sceptics might be the articles written by Alistar McGrath, John Piper & Tim Keller on the power and importance of Christian Persuasion. Do, do, do have a look.


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