Sign Maker Beware, Comedy Amendments Imminent

6 Sep

A friend shared a link with me the other day to some extremely humours examples of signs being defaced. you know the sort, a stop sign with ‘hammertime’ scrawled underneath. I’d share the link but some of the content was very rude, I’m sure if you’re that desperate to see it then you could do a ‘google’.

It reminded me of two signs I’d seen while holidaying in Scotland, both funny enough to warrant my taking a picture of them:

Caution - Elbow DropJoy Diversion

Could this be called art? If it could, I would.


One Response to “Sign Maker Beware, Comedy Amendments Imminent”

  1. Wright 16/02/2012 at 12:17 pm #

    Being a sign maker, you see a lot of these around. Worth a giggle 🙂

    Self Adhesive Labels UK

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