A Life Lived for God

6 Oct
Spirograph Patterns

Spirograph Patterns

Do you remember the old spirograph? It was a popular child’s toy a while back that would sneakily teach them some interesting mathematical principles. You could get some pretty interesting patterns by placing your pencil (or pen if you were old enough) in the different holes and squiggling around. Please see exhibit A to the right.

What’s this got to do with a life lived for God?

Our natural state is to have us and ourselves at the centre of our Universes, with everything else revolving around ‘me’. The Gospel calls us to put God back in His rightful place however. To have Him at the centre and to live a life no longer for me and my glory but for Him and His fame.

But the Gospel doesn’t just call us to reorientate, it begins the reorientation process. It replaces a heart of stone (one obsessed with me and my comfort) with a heart of flesh (one that loves God as it aught).

The result is that every decision we make should be different to decisions we’d make if God hadn’t opened our eyes to the truth about Jesus. Every decision should look different to the decisions those who do not know the God who took on flesh make. If they don’t, we have a problem.

And this is where the Spirograph comes in. Put the pencil in one hole and you’ll get one pattern. Reorientate it though, make the pencil (the centre) some other hole, and the pattern you arrive at is totally different. How different do our patterns look from those who don’t treasure the Cross?

You have permission to challenge me on this.


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