19 Oct
Here’s the ‘script’ I used for 3 harvest talks I gave in local primary schools today. Hope you enjoy the deep, deep theology within:
Cat Food

Cat Food

You might have noticed that the leaves have started to turn brown, that a lot of leaves are falling off the trees. In fact, some trees are almost totally bald! What does that mean? Well it can only mean one thing really, autumn is here and with it, Harvest time.Now, harvest is obviously the time of year people would ‘harvest’ their crops…but it’s also the time people would give thanks for their crops!  I tried growing some vegetables this year. I planted cucumbers…do you know how many I got? NONE! I planted beans, do you know how many I harvested? NONE. I planted lettuce, do you know how much I harvested? Loads actually, too much, I was giving it away. But most of us don’t do any actual harvesting anymore, but we still celebrate Harvest because we know that we have so much to give thanks for.

I wonder, what are some of the things that you would like to give thanks for? (invite responses and deal with the inevitable fallout from allowing the kids to talk!)

I thought I’d show you a few of the things that I’d like to give thanks for:

[Show Guitar case] Music – I love listening to music and playing music. In fact, when I couldn’t tell you who is any good on XFactor this year because as soon as the music starts I sing over the top of them!

[Open guitar case and remove ping pong ball] Sports – I love playing sports where you’re part of a team. Football, rugby, hockey. It’s probably my favourite thing in the world to do.

[Open guitar case and remove heaviest book known to man] Books – I have a job where I have to do a lot of reading. If people didn’t write good, helpful books my job would be a lot more boring!

The point of harvest is that we should think about everything good that we have or have been given and say thank you for it. Now, one of the difficulties I find is saying thank you to the right people. Somethings are easy to say thank you for. If someone gives you a present, who do you say thank you to? That’s right, the person that gave it to you. If a teacher gives you a gold star, who do you say thank you to? Your teacher. When the lollipop person helps you across the road who do you say thank you to? The lollipop person! Some things are easy to say thank you for.

But, seeing as I’m thankful for music…who should I say thank you too? That’s a but tricky isn’t it. Or how about Sports, who can I say thank you to that I get to play and enjoy them? Hmm, that’s a tough one.

Well I think there’s a little bit of the Bible that teaches us who we should really say thank you to for all the good things that we have. Listen to this. [Read James 1:17]

Every good and perfect gift is from God. So, what does that mean. Well it means that those things that I don’t know who to thank…I should thank God for them. It even means that those things we do know who to thank…we should also thank God for them!

But if harvest is a time for saying thank you to God for the stuff He’s given us, it shouldn’t be the only time we say thank you. There’s one thing that God has given us that we should say thank you for all the time. There’s another bit of the Bible that says this, “God loved the world so much that he gave His only son, so that if we believe in him we wont perish, but we can have eternal life!”

That’s a more amazing gift than anything else that we can come up with. That’s the ultimate gift, eternal life, if we believe in Jesus.

Now then one last question. When we say thank you to the lollipop person we use our mouths, we look at them and we say…”T-h-a-n-k  Y-o-u.” Easy. But how do you think that we go about saying thank you to God? Any ideas? We can pray to him. Because of Jesus we don’t need to see God face to face to say thank you, we can say thank you by praying.

So, I think it would be a good idea to do that now, for us to say thank you to God for all the great things that He’s given us, especially for his Son Jesus who, if we believe in Him, gives us eternal life.

Dear God, we thank so much for all the good and perfect gifts you give to us. For the breakfast in our bellies, for the pillows on our beds. For the music we can enjoy and the games that we can play. Thank you that you give us so much here in Ammanford. And God we thank you too for Jesus, that because of Him, we can have eternal life in heaven with you.


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