28 Oct

I wonder what informs how you see the world? I wonder what informs how you see the Cross?

Recently I’ve been reading through “Living the Cross Centred Life” with a guy in my church and as we discussed the problem of subjectivism I realised we need to understand the spotlight.

spotlightThe spotlight illuminates everything in the room. By its light we see and understand a certain object that we place beneath it. In a sense, the spotlight and the nature of the light it emits informs us about the object under investigation.

A Christian should understand everything in their life by the spotlight of the Cross. That is we should allow the Cross and what it teaches us to cast a light over the things that occur in our lives.

Subjectivism tells us something quite different however. It says something else is the spotlight and the Cross is merely an object in the room that we understand by the light of some other experience.

So when illness strikes, a family member dies, a job is lost….do we understand God’s love and our status before Him in light of these events? Or do we understand these events in light of the Cross? Which is our spotlight? The only set-up that makes any sense is having the Cross as our spotlight and seeing the rest of our lives in its glorious radiance.


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