Fleeting Joy

5 Dec

As a father I’ve learnt that there’s nothing more satisfying than causing your baby to erupt in fits of laughter. To see the smile and hear the sound is heart melting. What a privilege!

Yet the laughter of a child should teach us all something about life in general. The joys of this world are fleeting.

Within moments a baby’s joy can turn to absolute despair. If the baby thinks you’ve left the room…tears. If the baby thinks they want something else…screams. From utter uncontrollable joy one moment to total inconsolable upset the next.

It should remind us that much of what we go after in life is exactly like that. Fleeting fun. But one thing lasts. One thing never stops providing real joy. Our everlasting God.

If I can entertain the little man for 10 minutes I’m happy, yet really I should be praying that he finds true joy and contentment in his creator not just for a moment, but for eternity too.


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