Rejection that brings Reconciliation

20 Mar

“My God, My God. Why have you forsaken me?”

My God My God why have you forsaken me

These words are particularly significant  because as we see Jesus’ greatest agony, we also glimpse the Crosses greatest promise.

That cry of abandonment came from 3 hours of darkness that had spread across the land. As Jesus bore the sins of the world on His shoulders, as He who knew no sin became sin for us, darkness came and with it, God’s right judgement. God’s utter holiness demands His utter revulsion to sin. So it’s little wonder that Jesus, in our place, should face that revulsion and judgement. It’s little wonder that this was His greatest agony.

Yet for the Christian, it’s one of our greatest comforts. The darkness, the judgement that we deserve came…and went. Darkness came, and then the light. Many still fear that God’s wrath is waiting for them if they slip up but the certain hope we have as a result of the Cross is that Jesus paid it all. “No condemnation now I dread” is how Wesley chose to put it. Jesus experienced the darkness so that we should never. The light came and it is in it that the Christian lives, with confidence.

Moreover, Jesus’ very cry speaks of God the Father withdrawing from God the Son. Many Christians fear the same. Many Christians feel the same. Yet the glorious truth is that Jesus was forsaken in our place. As the Father rejected the Son He was reconciling His people to Himself. So we, who trust in the completed work of Christ, need never feel that God has abandoned us. We know with certainty that He draws near those in need. Whether we feel abandoned or not we can know that we are NOT abandoned, because Jesus was forsaken in our place.

[listen to the whole sermon here]


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