Guitar for Church Pt 4 (Concluding thoughts and Resources)

28 May
Here are a few thoughts to conclude on playing guitar in church:
Listen well. Listen to everyone else. You are not alone. How we interact with everyone else (including the congregation) is of vital importance.
Don’t distract through overplaying. Overplaying shifts attention from Him to us and is not helpful in the slightest.
Don’t distract through underplaying. If we bore people then we can equally distract from the One whom we are singing about.
Pray. While we work hard to serve others and to make the most of the gifts God has given us, we should always recognise our need for Him, even in playing guitar in church.
A few resources:
Worthily Magnify – a blog that mixes the theological with the practical. Written by Jamie Brown, a worship pastor, there’s an entire back catalogue of advice (and videos!) to help you and your whole music team.
Worship Matters – a blog by Bob Kauflin that again brings a great blend of theological and practical. Of special interest are seminars and lectures he gives that he then posts links too. Also very good for pointing to oteh web resources for musicians.
Worship Central – I recommend mainly for the video resources which help show some techniques etc. in lots of different areas, not just playing guitar.

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