“Living Word Church, Carmarthen” gets an update

11 Jun

I love wordpress, I wont hide that. And I think it’s a great solution for people who want easy websites with lots of functionality as well (As long as you aren’t too fussy over every aspect of the design). So I’m chuffed to bits whenever I can convince someone to ‘convert’.

Living Word Church, CarmarthenMy latest disciple, the good folks at Living Word Church in Carmarthen.*

It’s great to see they have a new site up and running, that looks have tidy and should make keeping things up to date an awful lot easier that fiddling with code.

Have a look.

*Other churches in Carmarthen are available


One Response to ““Living Word Church, Carmarthen” gets an update”

  1. Graham Aylett 30/07/2012 at 8:47 am #

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