Striking a [Christmas] Chord

12 Nov

They say a cord of three strands is the strongest…so here’s a 3 pronged attack on why this is the best Christmas video you’ll get to use this year:

wisemen from the east - Dai Woolridge1) Dai Woolridge, as ever, brings some absolutely epic rhyme and rhythm to a masterfully constructed retelling of the Christmas Story. [one question though Dai…why aren’t you wearing a crimbo jumper and scarf combo???]

2) And Toovey is the best thing to happen to video post production since Adobe’s After Effects. The visuals are tremendous, simple as. Shot beautifully, edited creatively, illustrated incredibly. 2V Design for an Oscar. [But does he know what a Gsus chord looks like?]

3) Christmas is all about Christ…and so is this video. While all the trimmings are there, shepherds, angels, mangers etc. The video takes you to the heart of the story, king of kings come to save from sin.

I think that’s enough reasons for you to ill your stockings with ‘The Christmas C[h]ord.’ But really the only way you’ll be as convinced as me is to watch it yourself. Da iawn boys.


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