Oh that my Ode was for You

15 Feb

Recently I’ve begun taking part in a series of writing challenges, Daily Prompts & Weekly Tasks. Unsurprisingly yesterday’s prompt was focused on love coming in the form of an encouragement to write an ode to someone or something you love. [Bonus points for poetry!]

Of course I had a few options open to me; I could write about my dear wife, my precious son, or even my darling cat. But I felt it most important to be honest and admit that the greatest love in my life is usually me. Left unattended my heart will always deviate back to itself. So I wrote about that…:

It’s certainly the right thing to do,
To publish an ode just for You.
But alas it wouldn’t be true,
My self-love excludes You from view.

You see I obscure the mirror,
The solution is not growing thinner.
“More humility?” You’re on to a winner!
I’ll start once I’ve finished my dinner.

Truth is I’m just not concerned,
I’m content with the status I’ve earned.
Your advances I’ve happily spurned,
My love is not easily turned.

Is that all there is on the matter,
A fool who only self flatters.
Wrapped up in my own little swagger,
The illusion is not easily shattered.

But self-centredness You did abhor,
And descended to knocked at my door.
A relationship now powerfully restored,
Henceforth You’re the one I adore.

For me who was totally lost,
Perfection stooped low to be crossed.
For sin You were held high, aloft,
That same sin defeated and quashed.

Of course I still stutter and fall,
I’ll forgo walking and first learn to crawl,
Your grace I need to recall,
And see You’re my all, You’re my all.


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