All About Me

saintbeagle is the pseudonym of Sammy Davies Jr. MPHYS LTh MA (Th CCL)

I am currently gainfully employed as Assistant Pastor at Ammanford Evangelical Church, the church I was saved in and have served in for the last 10years.

I initially studied at the University of Warwick for a Masters in Physics but after graduating became an ministry apprentice at Ammanford Evangelical Church under the tutorship of the one Right Rev. Jonathan Thomas.

I formerly co-authored with a few like minded young evangelicals, but this has since come to an end due to the authors changing schedules. Now however I only have this as an outlet to ask questions or express myself. Additionally I’ve completed a Psalmmation project, an attempt to sum up a psalm in 140 characters (or less) at Counting To Zero.

Fozzy Bear

On a more personal note, I’m married to a beautiful woman called Mrs.Davies and am father to the most handsome bear you’ll ever meet, Fozzy (he’s actually a cat, but Fozzy is a bear). And lastly but not leastly we finally have our little baby, Caleb George…a very early photo of whom is shown below. **UPDATE – Saintbeagle now comes with twice as many children! Caleb has been joined by a littler, more female version called Cambria Jane.

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