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Ephesians 2 for Easter

17 Mar

This year I have the privilege of preaching at the Ammanford Churches Together Easter Sunday Celebration Service (catchy…isn’t it).

This means preaching the glorious truth to around 300 people that Jesus Christ is risen.

I’m going to be preaching from Ephesians Ch2 (probably just verses 1-7). Where Paul, having just spoken about the power of God in raising Jesus from the dead, turns the attention on the Ephesian church. “As for you…”

“Jesus was dead. Jesus was made alive. You were dead. You were made alive.” – my paraphrase.

It’s a glorious truth that those who God has joined to Christ have not only died with him but been risen with him also.

This is where I’m at with it so far. I’d really appreciate your insights on the passage, especially in terms of application and any illustrations you might think suitable. Comments please 🙂


The Order of Things

17 Jun

Noah is in Vogue at the moment (all thanks to this man). Don’t believe me? Check out JT, DB & LN

The Series Image I created for Noah "Four Weeks in Faith"

The Series Image I created for Noah "Four Weeks in Faith"

The thing about the Noah story in the Bible is that it’s often misunderstood (as illustrated by the video below). Last week I led a Bible study on getting the right order. We looked at Genesis 6:1-9, Hebrews 11:6&7 and concluded with Ephesians 2:1-10.

Ephesians teaches that there is an order to things. Grace first, faith second, righteousness third. Have another look.

Like wise there was with Noah. Often we think of him as the ‘righteous’ man but we forget that before this he found favour in the eyes of the Lord. The letter to the Hebrews clears it up that it was his faith that then earnt him his righteousness.

Anyway, I thought that the order, and the correct order in particularly, was both interesting and important. Hopefuly I’ll learn more from the faith of Noah as the series continues.

Here’s the video made for AEC introducing the idea by challenging what we probably already thought.