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Jonah – in a nutshell

28 Feb

See if you can guess what I think the book of Jonah is all about by reading my cheeky overview:

Our story begins with a man of God, commissioned by God to take the love of God to a godless people. But this man of God tries to flee God because he’s afraid of what God might do among the godless. Yet, God pursues him, God brings a storm and some false god worshiping sailors come to worship the one true God. The man of God gets thrown into the sea and swallowed by an enormous fish sent from God.

The story continues…the man of God in the belly of the fish sent by God gives thanks to God for the salvation that has come and will come from God. God hears his song of praise and God says to the ginormous fish, “Spit out the man of God.”

Our man of God on dry land, via a boat, a storm, the sea and the belly of a big fish, heard the word of God a second time. God doesn’t change…”Go to the godless.”

This time our man of God obeys God and makes haste to a people without God. He preaches to them everything that God has commanded and guess what, they believe God. So they turn to God, away from their godlessness, and in repentance find mercy and compassion from God. Praise God!

Final scene, again the man of God and the one true God are alone. The man of God is angry at God, “God, I knew you were good. Too good to these previously godless now God fearing folk. You care for those I don’t and it makes me want to die.” Not good. So God tries to teach our man of God by providing shelter under a plant. The

man of God is happy. Then God takes the plant away. The man of God is angry.

“Why are you so concerned about a plant you didn’t make? I am G

od, shouldn’t I be concerned about all that I create, especially those who don’t know the truth, that I am God?”


Jonah and the Whale



Haiti, Hurting and a loving God.

25 Jan

A while back I knocked together a little eBook. Essentially a reworking of some sermons, lunch bars and essays I’d written on common apologetics questions like science vs. religion, religious pluralism etc.

When I was preparing this is was struck by the thought that one apologetics question is quite unlike any other we might ask. While the majority are merely academic obstacles we can debate until blue in the face (and then call peace and go for a drink), one question stands out. What about suffering?

The question of suffering is deeply personal and extremely emotive and it’s not one we should tackle in a cold, academic fashion.

Haiti has us all asking some really tough, hard, honest questions. Below was my effort at answering probably the toughest of all. I hope it stands up in the face of what’s gone on. (Either click ‘read more’ or click eBooks above and open Answers to Ageless Questions)

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Sermonising Psalm 51

19 Aug

This coming Sunday I have the privilege of preaching Psalm 51 to an eager audience, my church.

This afternoon, post lawn mowing, I have been doing some preliminary studying on my patio in the sunshine (which has just turned to the liquid form hence my coming inside to blog).

It’s a supposedly about David repenting after his sin with Bathsheba. What’s mental is that it’s more about God than David. I wrote a list of things David says or implies about God in the 19 short verses:

  1. His love is unfailing
  2. His compassion is great
  3. He speaks
  4. He judges
  5. He washes away iniquity
  6. He cleanses sin
  7. He is merciful
  8. He ‘blots out’ transgressions
  9. He is the offended party
  10. He is right
  11. He is righteous
  12. He is justified
  13. He desires truth
  14. He teaches wisdom
  15. He crushes bones
  16. He re/creates hearts
  17. He renews spirits
  18. He decides who is near Him
  19. He gives joy
  20. He is Saviour
  21. He gives life
  22. He is Saviour
  23. He gives words and praise
  24. He is Saviour
  25. He is choosy
  26. He is emotional
  27. He provides prosperity
  28. He has an Altar

Now it’s not a definitive list and some of the language is my own, but seriously, 19 verses of a psalm about a persons sin gives us all that  about God? I think there’s at least a small lesson in there about our repentance and it’s focus!

Worship Matters

5 Mar

Where people go to 'worship'

If you’ve read my book review you’ll now I love this book (it got 5 cheesy christian fishes out of 5). For me it’s applicable and edifying for anyone, not just people who lead or take part in music on a Sunday. The book contains a great little description of what we are trying to achieve via our music in a corporate setting. It then goes on to open up each phrase and explain it’s biblical origins. Anyway, I thought you may like to know what the little description is:

A faithful worship leader
magnifies the greatness of God in Jesus Christ
through the power of the Holy Spirit
by skillfully combing God’s Word with music,
hereby motivating the gathered church
to proclaim the Gospel,
to cherish the presence of God,
and to live for God’s Glory. 

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“I prefer to see God as a God of love…

29 Jan

…rather than a God of wrath.” – This might be an attitude or ‘theology’ you’ve come across. It may be an attitude you yourself subscribe to (if it is I’d love to hear your response). It’s pretty prevalent these days, fueled possibly by books like ‘The Shack’ and dvd’s like the ‘Nooma’ series.

I believe in a God of Justice, a God of Wrath,  a God of Pure, Holiness. I also think I believe in a God of greater love than those who subscribe to the opening sentiment.

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Worship doesn’t lead us to God…

8 Jan

God leads us to worship.

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