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Oh that my Ode was for You

15 Feb

Recently I’ve begun taking part in a series of writing challenges, Daily Prompts & Weekly Tasks. Unsurprisingly yesterday’s prompt was focused on love coming in the form of an encouragement to write an ode to someone or something you love. [Bonus points for poetry!]

Of course I had a few options open to me; I could write about my dear wife, my precious son, or even my darling cat. But I felt it most important to be honest and admit that the greatest love in my life is usually me. Left unattended my heart will always deviate back to itself. So I wrote about that…: Continue reading


Burning the Bible – Not offended, just saddened

23 Jul Bible Art?

Bible Art?Some of you may have seen the news. A ‘vicar’ in North Wales has felt it neccisary to chop up his Bible (burning some of it) in order to remove the passages he feels give a wrong view of God.

Andy John, The Bishop of Bangor who oversees the patch on which this took place, has said that such ‘destroying the Bible, or passages from it, would cause offence to many.’

However it isn’t offence that I feel to what’s happened, it’s sadness. I’m sadned that Geraint ap Iorwerth, the man who made the ‘art’ has so misunderstood the Gospel that I hold dear. He says that even though he’ll soon be stepping down from his position in the Church in Wales he wants to continue to spread the message of love of Jesus Christ. I hope he does. But I also hope in doing so he’ll realise that this love is in the face of our own sin and that Jesus, who so demonstrates the Love of God to us, does so by bearing the penalty of our sin on the Cross. If the Justice of God and His hostility towards sin is removed from our understanding of the Gospel then we loose the Cross and have nothing left to hope in.

Father we pray that good would come from this and that some how those who don’t yet know you would understand just how wonderful the Love shown to us in Christ really is.


My Jesus I Love Thee – Update

4 Mar

I hope you read my previous post on this song. On Monday night I was given the green light to bring it into the churches hit list. It’s a top draw song that mixes deep truths about what Christ has done for us with a real, emotional response.

The version I think we’ll do (having struggled with it myself) is by Red Mountain Music. I’ve posted a youtube vid below, let me know what you think.

“I prefer to see God as a God of love…

29 Jan

…rather than a God of wrath.” – This might be an attitude or ‘theology’ you’ve come across. It may be an attitude you yourself subscribe to (if it is I’d love to hear your response). It’s pretty prevalent these days, fueled possibly by books like ‘The Shack’ and dvd’s like the ‘Nooma’ series.

I believe in a God of Justice, a God of Wrath,  a God of Pure, Holiness. I also think I believe in a God of greater love than those who subscribe to the opening sentiment.

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