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Oh that my Ode was for You

15 Feb

Recently I’ve begun taking part in a series of writing challenges, Daily Prompts & Weekly Tasks. Unsurprisingly yesterday’s prompt was focused on love coming in the form of an encouragement to write an ode to someone or something you love. [Bonus points for poetry!]

Of course I had a few options open to me; I could write about my dear wife, my precious son, or even my darling cat. But I felt it most important to be honest and admit that the greatest love in my life is usually me. Left unattended my heart will always deviate back to itself. So I wrote about that…: Continue reading


A Sweet and Bitter Providence pt3

10 Feb

Instalment 3 of  the increasingly beautiful Ruth poem from John Piper.

The difficulties of clinging to God in teh midst of suffering and sorrow. My particular favourite line is:

“I’d rather starve beneath the wings
of God, than live with foreign kings.”

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A Sweet and Bitter Providence pt 2

8 Feb

Here’s the second instalment of John Piper’s poem retelling the story of Boaz, the unknowing type of Christ
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A Sweet and Bitter Providence pt1

6 Feb

Not wanting to go over board on the whole ‘posting others content’ thing, but I found this the other night whilst trawling the internet.

It’s the first part of a poem telling the story of Ruth, the Moabite who was rescued by the providence of God. The poem was written in 1995 by John Piper. Ill post parts 2, 3 & 4 later.

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