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Oh that my Ode was for You

15 Feb

Recently I’ve begun taking part in a series of writing challenges, Daily Prompts & Weekly Tasks. Unsurprisingly yesterday’s prompt was focused on love coming in the form of an encouragement to write an ode to someone or something you love. [Bonus points for poetry!]

Of course I had a few options open to me; I could write about my dear wife, my precious son, or even my darling cat. But I felt it most important to be honest and admit that the greatest love in my life is usually me. Left unattended my heart will always deviate back to itself. So I wrote about that…: Continue reading


Dai Wool does X-Mas

15 Dec

You may or may not know who David ‘The Dai‘ Woolridge is, but you should. Dai is an incredibly talented gospel communicator…but not a preacher. Instead Dai has carved out a niche of his own, somewhere between poetry and rap that lends itself well to his little Ammanford voice. Dai is a performer and he uses his performance to entice people to think more about Christ.

Christmas is then a pretty obvious opportunity for Dai to do just that and recently on his blog he’s posted two ‘poems’ about Jesus and Christmas. They’re great read, even better heard. So if you get the chance get out and see Dai as he performs…or even higher him and his Going Public team. You can even follow him on twitter.

Poems found by clicking ‘read more’

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The Pearl To Be

26 Feb

This week I have been EXHAUSTED. It just hasn’t stopped, well at least until this morning. It’s the kind of time you want a little pick me up and as such I reached for the deliciously devotional writings of my friend Photizo.

Reaching back into the archives I found a little gem of his and so I’m going to cheat  and post his beautiful poem.

I’ve brought it to people’s attention in the past over on the now defunct theproGnosis, but it’s worth revisiting once more.

He writes a lot of poems, but this is definitely still my favourite. To read the background of the poem click here. Or to just read it on saintbeagle click “read more.”
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Under the Wings of God

16 Feb

So it turns out (after some further investigation) that the 4 part poem I posted last week has actually been made into a book.

For those who didn’t see it, the 4 part poem was by John Piper and it re-tells the Ruth and Boaz love epic through the story telling of Obed to his grandson David.

It really is top draw and if anyone fancies buying me a little present then this might hit the spot! Although from the looks of it the shipping will probably cost more than the book.