Gareth Lloyd

Gareth Lloyd, Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church Merthyr, met up with Lewis and Sammy one comfortably chilly December afternoon. Shot in two locations, Sammy and Lewis quiz Gareth on Christ, the Gospel and Church in a place most people consider to be the arm pit of South Wales.

Asides from being a rather friendly fella and giving some great insights, Lewis and Sammy thoroughly enjoyed as they earned a free lunch out of it!

Gareth, How has your outlook on Merthyr changed in the last 5 years?

How would you describe Merthyr socially?

Is SGCM still a Church plant?

What value would you instill overnight if you could?

How is SGCM reaching Merthyr for Christ?

Give us some examples of how God’s been at work in Merthyr…

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