Steve Timmis @ TNML

Steve Timmis is a cofounder of The Crowded House, a church planting initiative in Sheffield, UK, and codirector of the Porterbrook Network, which trains and mentors church planters. Steve previously directed Radstock Ministries, a mission agency facilitating the involvement of the local church in world mission. Steve is Director of Acts29 Europe and author of Total Church.

This interview was conducted during the lunch break of Taking No Man’s Land, a NewBreed Conference in 2010.

1. Is Bible College a priority for Church Planters?

2. Is it best for a Church Planter to go it solo or to be sent by a church?

3. When does a Church Planter cease to be a Church Planter?

4. How do you go about deciding where you plant a Church?

5. How can we best reach Wales (a country of few cities) when all we hear is a theology of the cities?!

6. What can the UK learn from Western Europe?

7. Can you give one final piece of advice to potential Church Planters?

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