As a Theology College student I’ve been required to produce a number of papers (essays) for assessment. Below are links to those papers, arranged by date submitted (most recent first) in two sections (LTh level and MA level).

Please feel free to offer any corrections to spelling or grammar you find.

MA Papers 10/11*

The Shepherd Motif for Church leadership. (May 2011)

Discuss quantitative and qualitative research with regards to studying the role of the pastor. (Feb 2011)

Total Church (Journal Book Review). (Dec 2010)

A critical, exegetical and contextual analysis of 1 Timothy 1:1-20, with special attention to the function of 1:12-17. (Nov 2010)

A Critical reading of the film, The Prestige. (Nov 2010)

A Critical evaluation of the song ‘Chaos,’ by Mute Math. (Nov 2010)

Brainerd, David (Encyclopaedia Entry). (Oct 2010)

*Many of my Masters papers deal with specific situations in specific churches and are therefore unsuitable for public presentation.

LTh Papers 09/10

Outline and evaluate Theological Education by Extension as an appropriate model of training for church leaders in the Global South. (Apr 2010)

Evaluate Nevin’s criticism of the Eucharistic teaching of the Reformed churches in North America. (Apr 2010)

Critically discuss the relationship between union with Christ and the ordo salutis. (Apr 2010)

Critically assess the ways in which the Christian Church has responded to postmodernism and its implications. (Feb 2010)

Consider the issues relating to the use of extra Biblical literature to interpret the Bible. Discuss your conclusion(s) by considering and evaluating at least one passage in which you think the wrong source(s) have commonly been used to interpret the text. (Feb 2010)

Discuss the claim that in the incarnation Christ took into union a fallen human nature. (Nov 2009)


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